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I am a writer, reviewer, teacher, and editor. I pick up and discard new obsessions on a regular basis. Right now I'm wild about the work of Brandon Sanderson and Bryce Moore. Longer-running favorites include Patricia McKillip and Mary Gentle. Information about me and my humble scribblings may be found at http://www.leonawisoker.com

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The Fantasies of Robert A. Heinlein - Robert A. Heinlein Reading Allen Wold's "Star Gods" made me want to look back at my early favorites, but I've somewhat lost my taste for early sci-fi; so I picked this book off the shelf instead. Heinlein was a superb fantasy writer; from start to finish this book had me hooked all over again. It contains two stories I consider "classics": "--And He Built A Crooked House" (although, arguably, that should be sci-fi not fantasy), and "The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag" (which I remember vividly but had to skip over this time because it STILL gives me nightmares to read -- take that, Stephen King!)Also in the mix are fabulous fantastical tales mixing magic with commerce and politics ("Magic, Inc.") and a bittersweet take on dying ("The Man Who Traveled in Elephants"). I highly recommend this book as a crossover that even hard sf buffs will enjoy, given Heinlein's practical and logical approach to fantasy.